Kristine's big voice and joyous presence are simply transformative.  Somebody once called her "the bluegrass Billie Holiday", though she thinks that "the swingin' Minnie Pearl" might be a bit closer to the truth.  Whatever you call it, she writes bracing, original songs infused with a deep love of rhythm and language, that are playfully spiked with doses of early country, blues and jazz. 

Equally at home in a rowdy string band, an intimate duo, or roving out into an audience a cappella, she loves collaboration most of all.  Recent projects include a 2016 solo album of originals, "Good Dirt" with the Lonesome Ace Stringband ; singing on Fiver's 2017 stunner "Audible Songs From Rockwood", and more recently, performing with guitar balladeer Jesse Corrigan. Jesse draws from the same musical storehouse as Kristine, and takes his own love of language to even more startling places, with resonant and just-plain-delightful guitar picking. Add in their singular on-stage rapport, and it gets magical, real fast! 


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