Chris Coole, Andrew Collins, Kristine Schmitt, Dave Lang and Nathan Smith - Memorial Concert for Sandra Kate Riedel

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Tranzac Club , 292 Brunswick Avenue, Toronto ON

A concert/memorial for Chris Coole's banjo student - I'll just hand over Chris Coole's invitation!

"This past May, my friend, and long-time banjo student Sandra Kate Riedel passed away.

Kate was a remarkable example of the human spirit, and true artist. She was a binder of books (big, small, smaller than you've ever seen, old, and new), was a life-long learner on the banjo (in the last years of her life, she undertook to tab out a large collection of Methodist Hymns, that were almost unplayable on the banjo, but somehow, she figured a way to do it), and she paid attention to plants in a way I've never seen anyone else do (giving equal regard to weeds, flowers, vegetables, herbs, and shrubs).

One of Sandra's last wishes...actually she talked about it for a year before she died, was to have a memorial concert with some of the folks that she'd enjoyed watching over the years around town. Her Husband Max Arnott asked me to help him set this up, and it's happening this coming Sunday down at The Tranzac (front rooms). He asked me to invite anyone I knew.

You probably didn't know Sandra, but she would have loved it if you came down, had a beer and shared in the music of the afternoon. Consider yourself invited.

I'll be doing a solo set around 12:30, at around 1:30 I'll be joined by Andrew Collins, Chris Quinn, Nate Smith, Dave Lang and Kristine Schmitt. We'll play a couple of sets together. Some of Sandra's work will be on display.

Sunday, Jan. 5 The Tranzac Club (292 Brunswick Ave) Southern Cross and Tiki Rooms 12pm - 4:30